May 17

What is Marula Oil and Why Should I Use It?

About Marula Oil

Historically, Marula Oil been used for hundreds of years by women in Africa to reduce stretch marks, heal minor burns and scars, to soothe redness, swelling and irritation, as well as a highly valued moisturizer nurturing beautiful, radiant skin.


And today, science is supporting the time-tested benefits of Marula Oil! It is recognized as one of the most powerful all natural anti-aging moisturizing oils due to its high concentrations of Omega 7 and 9 fatty acids and antioxidant levels, all of which are key to fighting free-radicals and aiding moisture retention to better reduce the signs of aging.

The Process


It’s sustainably harvested and processed. The production of Marula Oil begins with rural women collecting fresh, ripe, fallen fruit from beneath marula trees growing in wild stands on our exclusive concessions in East Africa.

Untitled-2The nuts are slowly sun-dried, naturally concentrating the oil prior to extraction. The hard outer shells are individually split by hand; each kernel is removed and inspected for freshness, discarding any of poor quality. The oil-rich ivory coloured kernels are pressed through our unique, proprietary cold-pressing system. 

The fruit pulp is used to make jams and juice. The shells are used as a natural fertilizer, and the protein rich seedcake used an an organic, vegetarian food additive. Nothing goes to waste.

How to Use Marula Oil

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  • Apply several drops to your face, neck, and hands as a highly effective moisturizer
  • As a fast-absorbing primer before make-up
  • Add a drop to your foundation for a healthy glow and silky finish
  • Use after facial peels to hydrate and promote healing
  • Add to your cleanser as an aid to hydration
  • Soothe minor burns and sunburn

Purchase here: https://www.leakeycollection.com/fresh-face/103/

Apr 15

A Gift for Mom and One for You

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and is a time for memories: either reliving the sweet moments of the past or making new ones.

Philip Leakey remembering a special bond with his mother: “From age 12 or so, I would explore our surroundings to find new sites for mom’s anthropology digs.”

Katy Leakey recalling a sweet memory about her mother: “I smell the coming rain and think of how I had to describe it to her, with her birth defect being born without a sense of smell.”

That’s why our Celebration Bracelets honor very special occasions and on this day, perhaps the ones that made her a mother!  The Leakey Collection’s interpretation of each month’s color will commemorate children’s birthdays or other special times in her life, and they are meant to stack and mix & match.

Celebration Bracelets

In addition, from now till May 8th, with each order over $25, we will give you a GIFT WITH PURCHASE!  One Zulusport 7″ Bracelet with a heart charm to keep for yourself or giveaway. You can choose from one of these 5 colors below (blue, pink, orange, turquoise or lime) – just type in your preference in the “gift message” box at checkout.


May 14

Ev – A Love Story

iPictures 192I feel her in the wind, in the leaves, in a bird’s song, I feel her in all of nature around me.  I remember the leaf fights during the heavy southern California rains as a child.   A two year old giggling from under my bath towel as she wiggled my nose; “Ah, I’ve found an ear … then this must be a nose” as she tugged my ear.  The fire crackling as she read poetry, her voice deep and feathery, with the dog, cat, my brothers and me all captured by her passion.  I remember our long talks, our dog walks, our nattering over a glass of wine watching the sunset over the shimmering bay.   I smell the coming rain and think of how I had to describe it, her birth defect, born without a sense of smell.  Holding my hand, head back, eyes closed in fanciful delight as she filled her lungs then in a big whoosh exhausting the cool crisp air and asking, “What does it smell like, the rain”?  “Sweet, cool, wet, and grassy”, to this day she and the first rains are one.

I think of her painting, of having to pose for her when she studied photography, of our crazy stories when we worked together, of being curled up in her bed and holding a cold press on her nose bleed weeks before she died.  I think of her incredible beauty, her smile, her laugh, of her joy in life, of her deep friendships, of her love of animals and her compassion for humanities imperfections.  She lived life fearlessly.

I miss her laugh, her stern but honest critiques of my work, her unyielding determination, her granite like assuredness, her warmth, her singing me to sleep with bar room ballads like; The Night That Jonny Murphy Died.

I smell her on the wind, I see her in the landscape of Africa, I know she is free, I know she is in me.  I love her like no other, my mother, my Ev.

Katy Leakey

May 13

Honoring Mary Leakey This Mother’s Day

Like all loving sons, Philip Leakey knew that his mother was special. And the world soon discovered that, too.

This spring, UK’s Royal Mail honored “Great Britons” in a special commemorative stamp series depicting famous personalities. Mary Leakey is one of those “Great Britons.”


Quoting Norvic Philatelics:

“Mary Leakey (1913-1996) – archaeologist and anthropologist.  An eminent archaeologist and anthropologist, Leakey’s discoveries include the first Proconsul’africanus in 1948 and in 1959 the Zinjanthropus boisei (now known as Australopithecus boisei.) So significant were her finds they forced scientists to change long held views on human evolution.”

We caught up with Philip to ask him some questions about his famous mom:

1.  As a boy, what were your favorite times spent with your mother?

From age 12 or so, I would explore our surroundings to find new sites for mom’s anthropology digs.  Exploring these potential opportunities together was very exciting and rewarding.

2.  What would you do for your mom to show her how special she was?

Mother liked to eat seafood.  From the time I was 15 or 16, I used to cook all types of seafood dishes for her.  That was something we both enjoyed.

3.  What do you think of the new stamp that came out in her honor?

I think it was really nice that the British honored her this way.  It’s fantastic.  Throughout her life in Kenya, mom was the one that remained strongly British.  It is fitting that they have made a stamp in her likeness.

This Mother’s Day, join us in honoring all the special mothers around the world.



May 11

Mothers Day Gift Special



This Mother’s Day, show mom that she is one “Hot Mama”!  From the hands of Maasai mothers directly to someone special in your life, this limited edition multi-strand necklace is specially priced and sure to please! Not only will you make your own mom happy, but you will be making a difference to a Maasai mama too!

Hot Mama consists of 16 strands of glorious grass beads, in vibrant reds and pinks hues, with an adjustable silk cording that can be worn as a choker or a longer necklace, depending on your mood or outfit!

Apr 11

Exciting News! Splash Magazine features Zulugrass as one of Mothers Day Fashion must haves

Splash MagazineSplash Magazine has put out its 2011 Mothers Day fashion gift guide and we are pleased to announce that we were included.  Zulugrass is  the perfect gift for mother day  and don’t forget that it is the Gift of Opportunity for the Maasai women who hand bead each piece.


Apr 11

Celebrity Cafe suggest Zulugrass for Mothers Day

Celebrity Cafe

When Katy and Philip Leakey founded The Leakey Collection in 2002, they set out to create eco chic jewelry while providing employment opportunities to the Maasai women and men of Kenya in non-factory settings.   Read more…