May 17

What is Marula Oil and Why Should I Use It?

About Marula Oil

Historically, Marula Oil been used for hundreds of years by women in Africa to reduce stretch marks, heal minor burns and scars, to soothe redness, swelling and irritation, as well as a highly valued moisturizer nurturing beautiful, radiant skin.


And today, science is supporting the time-tested benefits of Marula Oil! It is recognized as one of the most powerful all natural anti-aging moisturizing oils due to its high concentrations of Omega 7 and 9 fatty acids and antioxidant levels, all of which are key to fighting free-radicals and aiding moisture retention to better reduce the signs of aging.

The Process


It’s sustainably harvested and processed. The production of Marula Oil begins with rural women collecting fresh, ripe, fallen fruit from beneath marula trees growing in wild stands on our exclusive concessions in East Africa.

Untitled-2The nuts are slowly sun-dried, naturally concentrating the oil prior to extraction. The hard outer shells are individually split by hand; each kernel is removed and inspected for freshness, discarding any of poor quality. The oil-rich ivory coloured kernels are pressed through our unique, proprietary cold-pressing system. 

The fruit pulp is used to make jams and juice. The shells are used as a natural fertilizer, and the protein rich seedcake used an an organic, vegetarian food additive. Nothing goes to waste.

How to Use Marula Oil

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  • Apply several drops to your face, neck, and hands as a highly effective moisturizer
  • As a fast-absorbing primer before make-up
  • Add a drop to your foundation for a healthy glow and silky finish
  • Use after facial peels to hydrate and promote healing
  • Add to your cleanser as an aid to hydration
  • Soothe minor burns and sunburn

Purchase here: https://www.leakeycollection.com/fresh-face/103/

Sep 12

Marula Oil Expands Fair Trade Products

The Leakey Collection started with handcrafted fringe trim, the  kind you might find on drapes.

After that came brightly colored necklaces that the women of  Kenya’s cattle-herding Masai tribe handcraft from the “Zulu  grass” reeds that grow by water’s edge and wood reclaimed from  acacia trees.

Other sustainable products have been added over the 10 years  since the start of the fair trade operation by former Newport  Beach resident Katy Leakey and her husband, Philip Leakey, the  youngest son of famous paleoanthropologists Louis and Mary  Leakey.

The latest product from the Leakey Collection is Marula Oil. Said  to have restorative properties, the Omega-rich, high anti-oxidant  oil is made from the nuts inside the abundant fruit of the marula  trees that grow in Africa.

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Aug 12

Meet Twig & Willow

At The Leakey Collection, we value all of our partnerships with our retailers and love to introduce you to them on a more personal level…just in case you’re in the neighborhood.

Karen Lobo and Billie Gentry are the owners of Twig and Willow, a beach side boutique in Long Beach that has a magic formula for success; two neighbors, both with different talents, who saw an opportunity when they spotted a little space at 4th & Grand pop up for rent. A love for the word “twig” and “willow” inspired the name of their boutique and the red robin mascot reflects the abundance of birds in the neighborhood.

What’s their Secret to Success?

Their neighborhood culture and “old-fashioned approach” to customer service and some savvy marketing has landed them the LA Times Readers Choice award for best women’s boutique two years in a row. Step inside their doors and you enter a world of ‘comfy chic’ that brings unique designer trunk shows and trends you’d expect in a metropolitan city. They rave about their staff and even give you a glimpse of their personalities on their website describing their lifestyles and passion for the boutique.

Twig & Willow are big fans of Zulugrass jewelry by The Leakey Collection, and they love to wear it ‘bo-ho’ (bohemian) style by layering it and wrapping the long strands around the wrist. “We love that we carrying products that have an added benefit and fit our collection of beauty with style in our boutique,” Karen said.

You will also find our ‘miracle elixir’ Marula-The Leakey Collection in their wonderful apothecary. Karen (a.k.a. shop-a-holic) for Twig & Willow told us, “There is a lot of education that needs to happen around face oil in general. The misconception of oils is that it makes you breakout, and we all know that’s not the case. Our customers that purchase Marula oil love it and come back for more!”

And as always, we love that Twig & Willow supports children’s organizations and animal shelters in their own community where they most recently dropped off 36 backpacks with school supplies to 26 orphans and purchased beds to deliver to their local animal shelter.

Don’t we have some wonderful partners?

Apr 12

Katy Leakey speaks at Natural Beauty Event in Denver

Mar 12

NewBeauty Fred Segal Store Event includes our beloved Marula

NewBeauty’s store launch in Fred Segal,  Santa Monica Thursday night was a rockin’ affair.  Hundreds of people turned out for a fun evening of great music, delicious food, and perused the greatest skin care and cosmetics the industry has to offer.  It was great fun to meet people and share the Marula TLC story, let people try it and talk up the best oil skin care on the market!  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and by the look of the success so did everyone one else.

New Beauty Fred Segal

Mar 12

See why they call our Marula the Miracle Oil