Oct 16

Fair Trade Myths and Realities

Your Purchase_creates work_builds communitiesOctober is Fair Trade Month! As members of the Fair Trade Federation, we are dedicated to 360° fair trade.  360° means we work with artisans in partnerships built on trust.  It means good wages, safe working conditions, environmental responsibility, and more.  It means our partners are empowered to build strong businesses for their families today – and for generations to come. Do you have any misconceptions about Fair Trade?

Myth: Fair trade is about paying developed world wages in the developing world.

Reality: Wages are designed to provide fair compensation based on the true cost of production, and are not based on North American wage standards. Fair wages are determined by a number of factors, including:

  • The amount of time, skill, and effort involved in production
  • Minimum and living wages where products are made
  • The purchasing power in a community or area
  • Other costs of living in the local context

Myth: Fair trade siphons off American jobs to other countries.

Reality: Fair trade seeks to improve the lives of the poorest of the poor who frequently lack alternative sources of income. Most fair trade craft products stem from cultures and traditions which are not represented in North American production.

Myth: Fair trade is anti-globalization.

Reality: International exchange lies at the heart of fair trade.  360° Fair Trade Organizations seek to maximize the positive elements of globalization that connect people, communities, and cultures through products and ideas. At the same time, they seek to minimize the negative elements that result in lower labor, social, and environmental standards which hide the true costs of production.

Myth: Fair trade is a form of charity.

Reality:  360° fair trade promotes positive and long-term change through trade-based relationships which build self-sufficiency. Its success depends on independent, successfully-run organizations and businesses–not on handouts. While many fair trade organizations support charitable projects in addition to their work in trade, the exchange of goods remains the key element of their work.

Credit: Fair Trade Federation

Jul 15

Say Hello to Summer Lookbook & 25% off


We have just completed our summer lookbook and we’d love feedback from our wonderful community of fair-trade fashionistas!  Our newest designs are inspired by warm waters, outdoor fun, and the bright colors of nature!

We invite you to enjoy our 90 second video Say Hello to Summer Lookbook.  In addition, to celebrate this holiday weekend, we are offering 25% off our entire site.  Discounts will be automatically taken upon check-out.

Happy 4th of July!!!



May 15

World Fair Trade Day: Celebrate Fair Trade


Empowerment.     Opportunity.     Connections. 

Today is one of our favorite days of the year.  It’s World Fair Trade Day and it takes place on the second May of each year.  For the past 5 weeks, we have been raising awareness about the incredible power of fair-trade with our Celebrate Fair Trade Giveaways. We have partnered with six fabulous companies including Manos ZapotecasGlobal Goods PartnersGreenola StyleWorldFindsMata Traders, and Faire Collection.  They are fellow Fair Trade Federation members who are equally passionate about creating beautiful products while raising the quality of lives of their artisans. Our hope is that more people will think about the impact that their purchases can have on the lives of others.

If you participated in our Instagram or Facebook Giveaways and fell in love with the prizes but didn’t win, a purchase today would not only support fair-trade but you can also take advantage of several promotions!

  • The Leakey Collection will be offering 25% off their entire site.  Discount is automatic upon checkout!
  • Global Goods Partners is also offering 25% off their entire site with code “Celebrate Fair Trade”.
  • To receive FREE shipping on orders $30 or more from Mata Traders, use code MATAMOM.  It is good thru Sunday, the 9th.
  • WorldFinds is doing a social media giveaway, perfect for moms.  Look for hashtag #ByMoms4Moms to participate.

Katie Gavenda, from Mata Traders, gives a great definition of fair-trade, ”To us, fair trade is most importantly a connection. Being connected to the makers and knowing how things are made, while being able to provide opportunities for women empowerment is what we love about being involved in fair trade.”

Enjoy World Fair Trade Day and do your part to Make a Better World!

Apr 15

Be an Agent for Change and Everyone Wins!

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Created by the World Fair Trade Organization, World Fair Trade Day is May 9th this year. Held annually on the second Saturday of May, it’s a worldwide celebration of the benefits of fair-trade “as a tangible contribution to the fight against poverty and exploitation…that has the greatest impact on the world’s most vulnerable populations.”

The theme for 2015 is “Be an Agent for Change!”  From head to toe, it is a lot easier than you think to support fair trade.  Fair trade options are growing and more accessible, making it easier to impact a broader range of individuals on a regular basis. Here are 4 suggestions to live fair trade values:

1) Start each day by enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or tea, one of the most popular fair trade items, with the knowledge that your support directly impacts small scale farmers in developing countries.

2) Wear stylish clothing and accessories, such as jewelry, scarves, and handbags, appreciating that there is an individual behind each product that has been given an opportunity to improve his or her family’s well being.

3) Your house can also reflect the Fair Trade Federation’s principles with baskets, blankets, salad tongs, toys, soap, keychains, and other home décor items. There is even a children’s book entitled Think Fair Trade First, teaching our future world-caretakers that a fair trade store is one “where good things happen when you make a purchase.”

4) Participate and promote the most EXCITING fair trade giveaway of the year! Every week from now until May 9th, the following 6 AMAZING companies (all Fair Trade Federation members!) will host a giveaway on Facebook and another on Instagram. The giveaways (totaling over $700!) begin each Monday, with multiple ways to enter, and the winners will be announced every “Fair Trade Friday!” Simply like each company on both social media sites and look for the weekly announcements on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Faire Collection
Global Goods
Greenola Style
Manos Zapotecas
Mata Traders
The Leakey Collection  

Thanks for being an agent for change!  #celebratefairtrade


Oct 12

Fair Trade is Sexy

Fair Trade is Sexy

Oct 11

Fair Trade Month – Special Pricing

Don’t Miss This 24 Hour Sale!

In honor of Fair Trade Month, each week in October, we will offer very special pricing & *free shipping * on one product.  This discount will last for 24 hours or until it’s sold out.  We’ll send you an e-mail each week with a link to that item.

We’re kicking off the promotion the first week with the Autumn Yellow Maasai Inspired Long Twist Necklaces for only $9.95 – that’s 67% off the retail price!  This week’s sale will begin 11:00 a.m. Thursday October 6 and end Friday, October 7 at 11:00 a.m.

So show your support for Fair Trade and take advantage of this deal. Keep your eyes open  for next week’s discount!

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