Sep 15

Zulugrass “Journeys” to a Movie Set in South Africa

Zulugrass has traveled from Beverly Hills (in a previous post) back to Africa – this time to South Africa.

The Journey Is the Destination,” based on the critically acclaimed bestseller, is also the name of a film in production in South Africa, chronicling the life of photojournalist and creative activist, Dan Eldon. On July 12, 1993, Dan and three of his colleagues were beaten, clubbed and stoned to death by an angry mob in Mogadishu during a violent time of upheaval.

Growing up in Kenya, Dan became friends with Philip’s daughter, Lara, forging a long history of friendship and support between the Leakeys and the Eldons. “The Journey” features a talented cast, among them Ben Schnetzer as Dan and Ella Purnell as Dan’s sister Amy. Maria Bello, star of the 1990′s TV series “ER” and movies such as the recent “McFarland USA,” plays Dan’s mother, Kathy Eldon, a best-selling author and visionary in her own right. Los Angeles Confidential Magazine named Kathy one of Los Angeles’ Most Influential Female Power Duos with activist Maria Bello.

Maria Bello

Maria Bello

It is such fun to see Maria wearing Zulugrass on the set, along with actor Mika Basson, as Elinor Tatum who participated in the Student Transport Aid Safari that Dan led across Africa to deliver aid to a Refugee camp in Malawi.

Mika Basson

Mika Basson

You can follow the progress of this film right along with us here or here. We look forward to seeing this in theaters!

Sep 15

Peace is Always Beautiful

Peace is Always Beautiful

Sep 15

Zulugrass Helps Call Attention to End Domestic Violence

The Leakey Collection was honored to be a part of this past weekend’s charity event Accelerate 4 Change at the Warner Brothers Estate in Beverly Hills, benefiting Children Uniting Nations and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  Hosted by Ben Talei, M.D. & Cinemoi Studios, the evening included special performers, a silent auction, guest DJ, and a fashion show featuring designs from Brian Lichtenberg.

Celebrities and other attendees were given TLC’s purple “End Domestic Violence” Zulugrass bracelets as their entry into the event, as well as being included in the gift bags. We were grateful to see so many of them immediately adorn their wrist or neck with the purple strands to show their commitment to this cause.  It was a fantastic night of coming together, supporting two at-risk groups, and getting the word out to help put an end to domestic violence!




Aug 15

Step by Step Guide to “Build Your Own Custom Necklace”

Custom necklace from Pure Art

Our Canadian friends Pure Art have created a fantastic way to wear Zulugrass using your own beads and charms, as well as porcelain and wood charms from The Leakey Collection.

zulu8_pure art



Jul 15

Say Hello to Summer Lookbook & 25% off


We have just completed our summer lookbook and we’d love feedback from our wonderful community of fair-trade fashionistas!  Our newest designs are inspired by warm waters, outdoor fun, and the bright colors of nature!

We invite you to enjoy our 90 second video Say Hello to Summer Lookbook.  In addition, to celebrate this holiday weekend, we are offering 25% off our entire site.  Discounts will be automatically taken upon check-out.

Happy 4th of July!!!



Jun 15

Chia Seed Salad Dressing

There’s nothing better than a fresh Mediterranean salad for summer, and one of my current favorite homemade dressing recipes is:

  • Olive oil
  • Rice vinegar
  • 1 pressed shallot
  • a touch of honey
  • sea salt & freshly ground black pepper, to taste
  • and… the secret ingredient to make it great is one tablespoon of white Chia seeds.

(Chia seeds are among the healthiest foods on the planet. They are loaded with nutrients that can have important benefits for your body and brain.)

Let this soak together for 15 minutes before dressing your salad.  Yum!



If you want a real treat, add some pomegranate seeds too.

Happy summer!

-Katy Leakey

Jun 15

Spread Love



This is a quote taken from Deap in Love’s website.  The Leakey Collection has collaborated with them to do just that in the #30Ways30Days Challenge.  What exactly does that mean?

The Challenge:

30 Ways, 30 People, 30 Days to spread awareness starting May 18th through June 18th. Each day will represent a new awesome person/organization and their way to spread love for the day. The 30 day challenge will be contingent on everyone completing their tasks. Our goal is to spread love in all corners of the world and raise $35,000 for suicide, depression, mental illness, and homelessness prevention.

Who is Deap in Love?:

DEAP in Love is an organization dedicated to offering support and hope to teens and adults struggling with depression, self-injury, and suicide. Our goal is to direct them to the support they need in order to make the necessary transformation in their lives. We offer a 24/7 online chat room with a certified suicide intervention coach. There is also an in-person support group available for those living in the Los Angeles area free of no charge as well as a virtual support group.

Let’s Do This!:

The Leakey Collection jumped on the opportunity to be involved with spreading love and empowering others.  After all, this is the core of our mission statement.  We’re handing out Zulugrass heart bracelets to complete strangers across the globe.  From locations in Kenya, California, Connecticut and Nebraska, we hope to start a chain reaction of spreading love.  You can read more about our company at www.leakeycollection.com.

We hope you too will get involved and spread love in your community!

May 15

10 Ways to Wear Zulugrass You May Not Know About

“Zulugrass is as versatile as the individual who wears it” is one of our favorite mottos!  As summer approaches, we thought you might like a little warm weather inspiration so here are some top Ways to Wear. Watch our Ways to Wear video for detailed instructions.

1) Summer is a great time to wear Zulugrass as an anklet.

Zulugrass as Anklet_1

2) Embrace the season’s boho style with this headband. 


 3) Have you tried Zulugrass as a hair tie? 

Zulugrass as Hair Tie_2

4) Use a wood hoop as a bracelet extender or added feature with a large grouping of Zulugrass on your wrist. As a bonus tip, try a ZuluSport Bracelet as a ring.


 5) Use several strands looped together as a belt.


6) Wear a single strand as a necklace extender.

Zulugrass with Zulugrass Extender

7) Twisted into a cable necklace with a clasp makes a statement.


8) A grouping of Zulugrass is a fun way to dress up your hat.


9) Like your necklaces long? Try this lariat style.


10) Of course, you can wear multiples of Zulugrass as a long necklace by simply pulling over your head. It really dresses up a simple tank. Be bold!

Zulugrass Worn Long

We want to see YOUR Zulugirl style! Post your Zulugrass selfies on your Facebook and tag @The Leakey Collection or on Instagram with the hashtag #LeakeyLove. We may feature you in a style post, AND you will be eligible to win some #fairtradeswag.

10 Ways to Wear Zulugrass


May 15

10 Tips for Healthy Gardening During Drought Times

10 Tips-3

This photo of the drought in Kenya a few years ago makes our team members in California a little wary of the drought situation here, as well as other parts of the US.  We’ve been researching some ways to grow a vegetable garden during a drought situation and thought we’d pass on some ideas for your personal use.

Here are 10 tips to grow a healthy garden during drought times:

  1. Well-amended soil is the foundation of a vegetable garden that will tolerate drought. Prepare your garden’s soil by adding lots of rich, organic compost that will help trap moisture and encourage deep root formation in plants.
  2. Practice efficient irrigation – Apply water slowly to the base of plants, which will reduce water usage by about 50%. Drip systems use much less water than any other form of irrigation, and the plants like it better, too.
  3. Irrigate in the morning when temperatures are still cool.
  4. Mulching minimizes evaporation of water from the soil surface, reducing irrigation need by around 50%. Use an organic mulch to a depth of 3 to 4 inches, depending upon the particle size of the mulching material. The larger the particle, the deeper the mulch should be applied.
  5. Black plastic or black landscape cloth conserves moisture. This can be used with tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and the vine crops in cooler areas. Place plastic or landscape cloth down on top of well-amended soil with pins, tear or cut holes big enough for the plant root ball, and insert plants.
  6. Plant in off-set blocks, rather than rows. This creates shade for roots and reduces evaporation. Control weeds, as they are competing with the vegetables for water. Group plants with similar water needs on the same section of irrigation. Cucumber and zucchinis and squash, for example, require similar water applications.
  7. Grow vegetables that do well with little water. Beans have built-in drought resistance. Tomatoes, melons and squash grow deep roots that seek out water and do not need to be watered as often. Vegetable plants with smaller leaves tend to lose less moisture due to transpiration so choose varieties carefully.
  8. Focus on high-yield vegetables that produce abundant crops like tomatoes, squash, peppers and eggplants.
  9. Try dry farming your tomatoes – Plant your tomatoes and water them as usual for the first few days to get them established, then water only once a week. Once the tomatoes flower and set fruit, cut off all water. The plants may not look great, but they will produce, and some say the fruit will taste better.
  10. Rethink ways to capture water rather than letting it run down the drain. Use buckets in your shower and sink to catch the water as it heats up. Water from cooking pasta and vegetables also provides nutrients to your soil.

Gardening concerns are also abundant in the Rift Valley, which suffers from droughts frequently.   With proceeds from our Beads for Healthy Gardens Bracelets,  we are educating and encouraging Maasai women to plant healthy gardens.  Most rural pregnancy and birth issues, as well as child development problems, can be eradicated by eating a healthy diet. We’ve also created a school program to teach children the importance of a balanced diet.


Happy Gardening to you and to the Maasai women in Kenya!


May 15

World Fair Trade Day: Celebrate Fair Trade


Empowerment.     Opportunity.     Connections. 

Today is one of our favorite days of the year.  It’s World Fair Trade Day and it takes place on the second May of each year.  For the past 5 weeks, we have been raising awareness about the incredible power of fair-trade with our Celebrate Fair Trade Giveaways. We have partnered with six fabulous companies including Manos ZapotecasGlobal Goods PartnersGreenola StyleWorldFindsMata Traders, and Faire Collection.  They are fellow Fair Trade Federation members who are equally passionate about creating beautiful products while raising the quality of lives of their artisans. Our hope is that more people will think about the impact that their purchases can have on the lives of others.

If you participated in our Instagram or Facebook Giveaways and fell in love with the prizes but didn’t win, a purchase today would not only support fair-trade but you can also take advantage of several promotions!

  • The Leakey Collection will be offering 25% off their entire site.  Discount is automatic upon checkout!
  • Global Goods Partners is also offering 25% off their entire site with code “Celebrate Fair Trade”.
  • To receive FREE shipping on orders $30 or more from Mata Traders, use code MATAMOM.  It is good thru Sunday, the 9th.
  • WorldFinds is doing a social media giveaway, perfect for moms.  Look for hashtag #ByMoms4Moms to participate.

Katie Gavenda, from Mata Traders, gives a great definition of fair-trade, ”To us, fair trade is most importantly a connection. Being connected to the makers and knowing how things are made, while being able to provide opportunities for women empowerment is what we love about being involved in fair trade.”

Enjoy World Fair Trade Day and do your part to Make a Better World!