Seven Tips for Easy, Magical Alfresco Dining

7 Tips for easy magical alfresco dining

From an intimate tête–à–tête dinner or picnic to a big BBQ, family reunion or cocktail party, summer means dining alfresco! We’ve gathered 7 great tips for making it a magical way to enjoy the long summer evenings ahead without stress! 

  1. Keep the food simple. Start off with a small, delicious appetizer like a gourmet wine and cheese platter. A rotisserie chicken from your local market, combined with easy side dishes, allows you to spend time with your guests! Cheese Serving Board
  2. Make wind less of an issue. Skip the tablecloth in favor of easy placemats.
  3. Mix and match plates, bowls, glasses,and napkins. Have fun with different types of seating: indoor chairs, stools, benches with cushions.
  4. Use natural items for serving and displaying, such as wood, baskets, and pottery.
  5. Skip the pricey flowers and decorate your table with succulents or small plants and herbs from your garden. Let the beauty of nature be your guide and enjoy them all summer! herbs
  6. Experiment with creative lighting ideas. Paper lanterns, floating tea lights or candles in mason jars all create a soft ambience.
  7. Don’t be afraid to try something new like throwing a blanket and pillows onto the ground for a relaxed seating area. Provide blankets for your guests for any later-evening chill in the air.

Above all, relax and enjoy yourself. Summer is a state of mind.

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