Fair Trade Weddings Resource Guide


Wedding season is quickly approaching.  It is a day when young couples commit themselves to a partnership with the intention of happily ever after.  It is also a time when a couple can illustrate their personalities and values.  With the growing awareness of fair trade, it is without a doubt that fair trade weddings will be a theme in the upcoming years.  Here is a resource to help brides and grooms execute the perfect fair trade wedding:

Wedding dresses:

Celia Grace

Celia Grace has a mission to provide brides with a gorgeous wedding dress that matches their values of human rights, environmental sustainability, and empowering women. Their wedding gowns are made by women’s cooperatives, fair trade producers, and refugees rebuilding their lives in the United States. Celia Grace provides their producers with safe, fair, and empowering work so that they can invest in themselves, their families, and their communities.

Store located in Amherst, MA


Encore Bridal

A consignment and resale bridal e-Boutique, Encore Bridal offers new, sample, and nearly-new couture. Encore offers eco-conscious and affordable bridal couture. Their collection includes dresses and bridal accessories from today’s most well known designers at 30-70% below retail. A percentage of the proceeds are donated to help cure cervical cancer and HPV.

1288 Columbus Ave. #133, San Francisco, CA



Here are just two of their many wonderful beliefs. These really speak to us:

  • We believe choosing to re-cycle and re-use is just good karma.
  • We believe in serving women’s causes as much as serving women.

The Bridal Garden

The Bridal Garden is a not-for-profit resale bridal boutique run by Geraldine Brower benefiting children’s charities. They showcase stunning designer and couture wedding gowns at up to 75% off retail prices.

54 West 21st St. Suite 901, New York, NY 10010



Bridesmaid  dresses:

Some of our friends offer wonderful fair trade options.   Check out these:






These guys even have a fair trade gift registry.  We love that!



 Gifts for the Wedding Party:

Here’s where we need to shamelessly plug ourselves.  We have many options for both women and men that are sure to please your entire party.  For the special ladies that are standing up for you, why not get each one a unique mix of Zulugrass jewelry?  Select a personalized color combination for each bridesmaid, and then she can wear it as a bracelet or necklace, depending on her preference.


For the men of the group, how about a sustainable place to keep organized at home?  Each man needs a place to empty the contents of his pockets when he gets home.  This tray is made from fallen wood and adds beauty, and organization to any room.


Look for flowers that are grown locally, are in season, and come from farmers that care about the environment.  Farmers markets are a great resource for organic, fair trade farms.

 Table décor:

This is an ideal opportunity for a couple to show their personalities. Centerpieces, napkin ring holders, guest gifts are all ways to show off individuality, values, and character.

There are many DIY ideas for centerpieces and guest gifts.  Some of these include painted stones, with either hearts or messages,  a sea theme, or even just lovely sustainable plants, creatively potted.  We love this pinterest page for more ideas:


We also must note that Zulugrass makes an ideal napkin ring holder, which would brighten any table setting and then serve as a perfect take away gift for each guest.


 Coffee and Tea:

You should definitely serve fair trade coffee and tea at the reception.  That’s an easy one.  Although we are working on our own unique blend, it’s not quite ready so here are some other good options thru the Fair Trade Federation:


If you attend a fair trade wedding this summer, we’d love to hear about it.  Send us your ideas and photos, and we will certainly share them to help create more awareness about the power of fair trade.

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