Honoring Mary Leakey This Mother’s Day

Like all loving sons, Philip Leakey knew that his mother was special. And the world soon discovered that, too.

This spring, UK’s Royal Mail honored “Great Britons” in a special commemorative stamp series depicting famous personalities. Mary Leakey is one of those “Great Britons.”


Quoting Norvic Philatelics:

“Mary Leakey (1913-1996) – archaeologist and anthropologist.  An eminent archaeologist and anthropologist, Leakey’s discoveries include the first Proconsul’africanus in 1948 and in 1959 the Zinjanthropus boisei (now known as Australopithecus boisei.) So significant were her finds they forced scientists to change long held views on human evolution.”

We caught up with Philip to ask him some questions about his famous mom:

1.  As a boy, what were your favorite times spent with your mother?

From age 12 or so, I would explore our surroundings to find new sites for mom’s anthropology digs.  Exploring these potential opportunities together was very exciting and rewarding.

2.  What would you do for your mom to show her how special she was?

Mother liked to eat seafood.  From the time I was 15 or 16, I used to cook all types of seafood dishes for her.  That was something we both enjoyed.

3.  What do you think of the new stamp that came out in her honor?

I think it was really nice that the British honored her this way.  It’s fantastic.  Throughout her life in Kenya, mom was the one that remained strongly British.  It is fitting that they have made a stamp in her likeness.

This Mother’s Day, join us in honoring all the special mothers around the world.



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