Celebrating International Women’s Day

katy-with-womenFrom the early 1900′s, March 8th has been a day when the world celebrates the achievements and strength of women across the globe.  Fortunately, International Women’s Day has been gaining momentum each year, as individuals realize the power of women.  This day is especially important to our company.  The Leakey Collection is built on the concept of empowering women to make real change.  Our founder, Katy Leakey, had the vision 10 years ago to create a sustainable business model that would give women in rural Africa a means to earn an income, where before there was none.   Katy is an inspiration to all that meet her.  On this special day, not only do we celebrate Katy and the positive change she has provided to women across the globe, but today, and every day, we celebrate you – mom, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, grandmother, friend, female!

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