Mary Leakey and the Story Behind the Google Doodle

A fun anecdote about Google’s doodle of Mary and the Laetoli Footprints from her son, Philip.

Mary Leakey Honored with Google Doodle






There was a group of us out looking at an array of many different footprints early one Sunday morning.  In the process we began fooling around, throwing elephant dung at each other with the Dalmatians in tow.   Stooping to collect another clump of elephant dung, an unusual footprint was discovered.  It turned out to be a hominid 3.5 million years old and upon further investigation, it turned out to be two, one walking behind the other.  Those of us there that morning still laugh at the memory and the excitement.

Philip Leakey – Co-Founder of The Leakey Collection

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