Katy Leakey on E! Entertainment!!!!!


We’ve always considered Katy and Philip stars, but now the entire United States can acknowledge Katy’s celebrity status! Not only has she recently graced the Money Section cover in a national newspaper, USA Today, but Monday, October 26, a new television show on E! Entertainment – “That Morning Show” – will spotlight Katy and The Leakey Collection.

According to a recent press release, “Offering lighter and more uplifting fare, “That Morning Show” focuses on topics that will enhance the lives of its viewers. From the workplace to the kitchen, the world of fashion, or new environmental projects, iBC’s new production will meld entertainment and information in a way aimed at making viewers hopeful, empowered and informed.”

Hosted by a trio of fresh faces, Chelsea Cannell, Mark Long, and Carla Cavalli, it is a perfect television showcase for us because it focuses on all the things our company stands for – hope, positive influence and making a difference.  It is an amazing opportunity for Katy to discuss sustainability and Fair Trade concepts, highlighting the fact that October is Fair Trade Month.  Katy hopes to educate viewers about the gift of opportunity that has changed the lives of so many Maasai women and their families and inspire them to join us in “Women Helping Women.”

“That Morning Show” airs from 6:00-9:00am (ET & PT), coast to coast, seven days a week. Check your cable network listings for E! Entertainment. Watch Katy live or set your Tivo or DVR for Monday, October 26! This is a must see!